Posted 12 hours ago

Day star rising over the chief. Good morning-time vibes today.

Posted 2 days ago

And here we have the boulderer in his natural habitat, sleeping soundly atop his mobile home. #squamlife #vanlife (at Squamish Chief)

Posted 6 days ago

The golden, enchanting mornings and evenings are my sanctuary. So much beauty to be had! (at Squamish Chief)

Posted 1 week ago

Early morning pulling sesh! Made a quick send of this super cool V9 “Tatonka” #granolaproducts @granolaproducts #climbing #bouldering

Posted 1 week ago

Made it to Squampton! The rumors of the forest being enchanted are true.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Walked into the sunset with my best friend today. So glad to see this soul again! @humanmaneuver

Posted 3 weeks ago

Post apocalyptic #sportclimbing with @alixandramorris

Posted 1 month ago

Got some pretty good perspective trad climbing at the Needles this weekend. Super humbling experience! #tradishard #climbing

Posted 1 month ago

Check out #granolaproducts @ for all of your out of doors adventures. CONSUME CONSCIOUSLY. @granolaproducts

Posted 1 month ago

The sky catching fire and melting away into the night time.